Permit to Carry Class
        Fulfills training requirement in order to obtain a permit to carry in multiple states
(one day course)

A basic course includes:
Firearm parts
Safe handling
Cleaning and storage
Shooting fundamentals
Introduction to basic and defensive shooting with live fire
Alternative weapons
Information on concealed carry law and restricted use of deadly force
Techniques for avoiding and controlling a violent confrontation
Psychological aftermath of a defensive shooting 

Firearms will be provided.

This course meets the training requirement portion of the law if applying for a permit to carry.  $75
($78 if paying through PayPal)
Pistol Class Descriptions

Personal Protection Outside the Home

Prerequesite: Students must be experienced shooters. Basic Pistol certification or other proof of experience necessary. This is a two day class.

This classes focuses on the effective use of a concealed handgun for self defense outside the home. Teaching: concealment techniques; presenting the handgun from concealment; utilizing cover, concealment, presentation and movement; point shooting; instinctive shooting; low-light shooting; engaging multiple targets and one-handed shooting.

A law enforcement officer and an attorney will discuss the legal aspects of the right to use deadly force.

Firearms will be provided.

$250 (This includes approximately five hours of range time)

To pay for the Permit to Carry Class online, you must call and register for a class first.  Once registered, click the "Buy Now" link below.  
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Personal Self Defense

This class is taught by Dennis Schelonka and his daughter Kim Erickson. Dennis is an NRA instructor certified in several disciplines: Home Safety, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection inside the Home, Personal Protection outside the Home. He also teaches concealed carry classes, Tactical classes, works one on one to meet individual needs and does consulting in the home or business to make a safer and more comfortable environment.

Self defense tactics are taught by Kim Erickson. Kim studied and trained in Uechi Ryu karate for ten years. She achieved her black belt at the age of 16. She taught Uechi Ryu Karate for two years. Kim will be applying her knowledge of the martial arts by demonstrating tactical defensive techniques if attacked or if one finds themselves in a dangerous situation. Dennis will be addressing the levels of awareness and practical situations to avoid becoming a victim. Alternative weapons will also be discussed in detail.

Class is two hours.
Payment and Refund Policy
Payment is due prior to the day of class.  Refunds or rescheduling may be granted if sufficient notice of cancellation is given.  Refunds or rescheduling will not be given unless prior arrangements are made.