The Tactical Shooting Program consists of three separate courses.  All courses are meant to enhance to shooter's ability to draw from concealment and to develop self-defense shooting techniques.  These are the only courses of their kind in the area!  The length of the classes are approximately four hours. 

Course I: Tactical Self-Defense Shooting Techniques
This course focuses on the effective use of a concealed handgun for self-defense: Presenting the handgun from concealment, utilizing cover, concealment, presentation and movement, point shooting, engaging multiple targets and one-handed shooting.  This is a hands-on, tactical course, with little classroom time.  The emphasis is to introduce students to a variety of realistic self-defense drills.  Several of the drills will require the shooter to have a certain amount of mobility.  Considerations can be made to a certain degree per student's ability, however the purpose of the class is the doing realistic drills.  Fifty or more drills will be introduced in this course, shooting approximately 500 to 600 rounds.

Special Introductory Rate: $175

Course II: Flashlight Tactical Techniques
The student will be introduced to four different flashlight shooting techniques.  Many of the drills from course I will be expanded on with the use of a flashlight.  The shooter will experience these drills entirely differently in the dark with just the aid of a flashlight.

Cost: $225

Course III: Advanced Tactical Self-Defense Shooting Techniques
The drills in this course will be considerably more advanced.  The shooter will experience more intense drills including shooting and reloading while moving, clearing rooms and shooting from floor level positions.  Actual scenarios will be enacted, including simulated rooms and hallways.  This course is for high level shooters.

Cost: $275

Sign up for all three courses and receive a special program discount.  Call for details.